Skimming is a highly skilled, manual task that can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your internal walls.

What is Skimming?

Sometimes, when people say plastering it’s actually skimming they are referring to. Plastering encompasses the wider trade and includes a variety of different methods whereas skimming is specific to one form within that range.

Skimming is the art of applying a thin coat, wet plaster mix to provide a solid, smooth finish to a substrate. Skimming is normally carried out to improve the finish on an existing surface or over a new installation of plasterboard.

Benefits of Skimming

  • Skimming gives a smooth, uniform finish to a wall.
  • Skim can be applied direct to plasterboard for enhanced acoustic properties or where alterations/repairs have been made to an existing wall.
  • Skimming is an excellent way of upgrading old walls where the original plaster may be starting to blow or be in poor condition.
  • You can skim over old fashioned Artex ceilings to create a smooth, modern look.
  • Once dry, a skimmed wall is ready for decoration.