Nobody wants to have the ugly property on the row but it is easy to get caught up in home or business life and put rendering work on the back burner.

MPC Plastering can help bring the facade of your home or commercial premises back up to a high standard using your choice of economical or cutting edge rendering techniques and finishes.

Planning on DIY rendering?

If you are planning to take on your own rendering project, make sure that you have all the facts to hand. Will you need to book scaffolding? If so, how long for? Will you need to arrange alterations to your power and telephone cables? Do you know the pros and cons of different render systems? Do you have a grasp of the techniques involved (e.g. using beading on a new build home to ensure the corners are neat).

If you have any doubts, rather than risk the appearance and security of your property, we recommend contacting MPC Plastering for a site survey and free quote. We can manage the entire rendering project or liaise with other contractors as necessary. We can even bring in local subcontractors to carry out additional works such as mechanical and electrical first and second fixes.

We will always provide honest advice tailored to your needs not ours. We will be sensitive to your budget and priorities from start to finish.

Render options: a brief guide

There are several render options and the correct choice for your home or business will depend on your budget, type of property, personal preference and other factors. Here is a brief guide to the most common types of rendering:

Sand and cement render

Sand and cement render is usually the least expensive option. It is mixed on site and applied in two to three coats with a smooth final coat left ready for painting. Sand and cement render is labour intensive, relatively inflexible and requires regular maintenance. For these reasons, sand and cement render is becoming less popular.