Having worked on the interior and exterior of listed buildings including Lympstone Manor in Exmouth, MPC Plastering can guarantee you the level of care and attention to detail you demand for your heritage property.

Whether you are looking for restoration, preventive conservation or improvements in energy efficiency we can provide the specialist knowledge and technical application you need.

Helping to Preserve England’s Cultural Assets

Restoring and conserving England’s rich cultural heritage is an honour and a privilege we never take lightly. We understand our role in ensuring the country’s listed buildings are cared for so that they can continue to bring enjoyment and appreciation for both their current owners and for the generations to follow.

To begin with, we will carefully assess the current state of the existing surfaces, render and plasterwork and advise you of what work is required to bring the property up to the required standard. Only when you are completely satisfied with our appraisal will we begin work.