Dry lining involves installing plasterboard over existing walls. Dry lining your internal walls and constructing grid ceilings will save time and money over traditional plastering techniques, readying your house for its final decoration.

Whether you are renovating an old building or decorating a new one, MPC Plastering can dry line your walls as a standalone service or as part of a full internal fit out.

How Dry Lining can Benefit you

Dry lining provides many benefits to customers. These include:

  • Cost Savings. Dry lining is less labour intensive than traditional plastering.
  • Speed. Dry lining can ready existing walls for decoration without the prolonged drying time of traditional plastering techniques. Partition walls can be quickly built and finished off with dry lining.
  • Perfect Finish. Plasterboard guarantees a smooth, level decorating surface regardless of the contours of the wall beneath.
  • Versatility. Insulation and soundproofing materials can be incorporated if needed

How is Dry Lining Carried out?

Dry lining begins with measuring and preparing the surfaces to be lined. We then create a framework of metal or timber studs before fixing the plasterboard to these using the appropriate method.

Since the surface is already dry, decorating can begin almost immediately with minimal preparation. While some people choose to skim the plasterboard, others apply paint, tiles, wainscoting or other finishes directly to the surface.

For new build properties, modern spray plastering methods may be the best option. If you are interested in exploring finishing options, please contact us.