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Pointing is a layer of mortar applied between bricks during construction to hold them together to help prevent penetration of moisture through to the internal walls.

Exposure to the elements may cause the mortar between the bricks or stonework of a building to deteriorate over time and will gradually start to crumble and fall out of place.

If too much mortar is allowed to disintegrate rainwater may be able to get through the voids, with the potential to cause significant damage and can in the worst cases reduce the integrity of the structure.

If you are concerned about the pointing on your property, MPC can carry out a survey to assess the current condition and will advise on whether re-pointing is required.

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How is repointing done?

To begin with, the old unsteady mortar needs to be removed. We’ll do this by carefully raking out any areas required using specialist equipment and ensuring the surrounding bricks/stonework remain undamaged.

Any debris in the joints will be cleaned out and at this stage any damaged or missing bricks/stones will be replaced. A mixture is made up either from traditional lime or cement to suit the structure and will be carefully applied to fill the voids.

It’s important that the right type of mortar is used. For example, a building originally constructed with lime should not be repointed with cement. Repointing should always be carried out by a fully trained operative in suitable weather conditions.

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