An example of a traditional lime render to a property in progress

In 2015 a traditional lime render was applied to this lovely home. The deterioration of previous render can lead to damp and by replacing with a traditional style lime render we have treated this house as it would have been originally. The previous render on the house was raked out, then all loose bricks and repointing replaced. The walls were then washed down and then continually sprayed with water until all the surface walls were damp through, a lime render (made and mixed using lime and sand) was then applied to the walls.  This process was completed and repeated for a second coat of render, after which a top coat was decided upon and applied.

Many thanks to MPC Plastering for the great job they did for us. Their commitment to assist us proved to be invaluable, as did their willingness to answer our questions

— Trannings Automotive Specialists, Mike Jennings

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