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What is Plasterboard?

Plasterboard, often referred to as Drywall or Gypsum board is a panel constructed of sustainable layers used to make internal walls and ceilings.

There are a variety of different types of board to be used for a range of purposes but a standard board for everyday use is made up of a 9mm-12mm thick Gypsum centre secured between two outer layers of paper.

A number of additives or differing materials are used to create boards suitable for specialist use, such as fire protection, acoustic insulation and moisture resistance.

How is Plasterboard used?

Plasterboard is used in the construction of a vast majority of internal walls, partitions and ceilings in domestic properties and commercial buildings. Supplied in 6m lengths, with widths of 1200mm to suit a 600mm stud wall most commonly used in modern housing or smaller 900mm and 600mm sheets for more specific designs.

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The type of plasterboard to be used will depend on the purpose for its use. For bathrooms & kitchens a moisture board with silicone additives would be used to protect the wall from damage by water penetration. Where acoustics may be a problem, a specially designed sound blocking board could be installed. At MPC we are able to understand all of your requirements and advise on the most suitable type of plasterboard for your project.

Once the appropriate board is selected the wall or ceiling area will be measured out and where possible whole boards will be fitted. Where that is not possible, it’s easy to cut down sections to the required shape and size, even allowing curves and difficult shapes.

The boards are mechanically fixed to the timber or metal studs and cut back or chamfered to fit accordingly. Once secured the joints and screw holes are filled and prepped, ready for the next stages of plastering/skimming.

Why Use Plasterboard?

There are many benefits to using plasterboard, aside from the variety of types available. Plasterboard is sized specifically to fit in to the standard wall size in all modern new builds, making for a quick and easy installation.

It provides a smooth, solid surface that allows for easy decoration and can be formed to create bespoke features. The varieties available make it a suitable and easy option to keep to current building regulations and to top it off, plasterboard is constructed from up to 100% recyclable materials meaning there is no need for anything to end up in landfill.

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