External Wall Insulation Newquay

Homes and offices without any form of wall insulation can lose up to thirty percent of their heat through their walls. One of the ways to add insulation to your home or office to help prevent the heat loss is by arranging for the installation of External Wall Insulation (EWI). Installing EWI to your home or office walls will also help to improve the carbon footprint of your building. In short, installing EWI involves fitting rigid boards to the outside of your property, creating a thermal covering and ensuring that the insulation does not interfere with valuable internal space. For more information about our external wall insulation in Torquay please contact us on 01752 343421

Once we have fitting the rigid insulating layer to your property, our expert team will be able to overlay the insulation with traditional finishes or alternatively a more modern render. Both methods will provide a protective, weatherproof and breathable layer that will last for many years. We can apply a range of aesthetic finishes, ranging from pebble dashed to smooth, ensuring that the fitting of EWI does not compromise the look of your property.

Many organisations, including energy companies, local authorities, and the government support EWI installation and both recognise and promote the benefits of having EWI fitted. As a result, a large amount of financial support schemes are available for you to take advantage of. MPC Plastering can advise you of the various schemes available. Sometimes installing EWI can affect the appearance of your property, please ensure that you have obtained any relevant planning permission before installing EWI.

Condensation Prevention

When altering the external features of any property, it is important to ensure that it remains weather and damp proof. When installing External Wall Insulation, it will increase the width of the walls, so it important to ensure than any recessed areas around doors and windows are suitably insulated, and therefore ensuring that the depth of the insulation is sufficient for the door or window frame that is in use. Other utilities that may be attached to the outside of the property, such as pipes and fittings will also need to be removed prior to installing the new External Wall Insulation. These items will then be replaced once the work has been completed. Occasionally, depending on the design of your home or office, you may also need to extend the existing overhang on your roof to ensure that it remains effective.

If you would like to know more about External Wall Insulation in Newquay, please contact our team of experts using the details on our contact page. We would be happy to visit your home or office and provide your with a free, no obligation quote.

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