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External Wall Insulation (EWI)

Did you know that in an un-insulated home over 30% of the heat generated, is lost through the walls? One of the best methods for reducing this energy loss and improving a buildings carbon footprint is EWI or External Wall Insulation. MPC Plastering provide External wall Insulation in Exeter and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in finding more please contact us on 1752 343421 for more details.

How does EWI work?

The EWI installation process consists of fixing rigid installation boarding to the exterior walls of a property, creating a thermal covering that reduces heat loss. Once the boards have been installed they are traditionally finished with either a traditional lime render or a more modern render type. Both render options provide a finish that is hard wearing, breathable and protects from the effects of weather.

The Benefits?

The benefits of EWI installation are recognised by Energy companies, local authorities as well as the UK government. Due to this recognition there is a wide range of financial support available for anyone having EWI installed on their property. Contact MPC Plastering today to find out more about funding and how you could benefit from EWI. The EWI process covers the entire exterior of the property, this includes existing brickwork. This process will change the appearance of your property, it is important that you have received the relevant planning permissions allowing you to change the appearance of your property before any EWI work is started. For more information on what you need to do before starting EWI work contact us today.

Condensation Prevention

All the EWI works conducted by MPC Plastering are professionally installed to prevent any condensation. We take care to ensure that all recessed areas have full coverage and are correctly insulated, matching the depth of insulation to the depth of the window frame. Any external pipe works or fittings are removed and replaced during the process.

Cladding or render finish?

Typically render is the cheaper option of both render and cladding. Render can be applied as either a thick cement mix, applied over a thin mesh. Or it can also be applied as a light cement over a thicker and stronger mesh base. Cladding usually comes in a range of distinctive colours and styles such as panels or shingles with a clay, stone, brick or aluminium finish. For more information and advice on making the best decision regarding external wall insulation in Exeter call MPC Plastering today for a free no obligation quote.

Mathew Massey - Founder, Director

With 13 years of experience within the plastering field, Matt has now launched MPC Plastering Contractors Ltd as sole owner and director. He oversees all aspects of the business, in particular site activities. Matt prides himself on providing the quality work and service our customers have come to expect.

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