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This repair service requires all old and defective bricks to be removed and replaced with matching bricks. This is often done in stages as chimney stacks can be very unstable to repair.

Once all the defective bricks are replaced the chimney stack will be repointed and capped off, a ridge tile bedded in the flaunching to allow the chimney breast to be vented. Many chimney stack repairs can be carried out from a roof ladder keeping the cost down. If your chimney stack is damaged please call MPC Plastering today for a free quote and inspection

Is your chimney in need of repair? You could be losing a large amount of heat and money from your home or office. If you have decided to build a new house and/or want to include a new fireplace or Wood burner?

You will need to install the right chimney to ensure it works to its full potential. Our Chimney repairs in Plymouth and Devon can provide you with an expert to help evaluate your options.

What to look for?

There are obvious signs that you are in need of chimney repair in plymouth, the top might be missing or it is slightly leaning over, you could have cracked or missing bricks. You might also notice that you get pieces of mortar falling into your house or office down the chimney.

It is also possible that you have a problem situated within the chimney itself and so isn’t visible. It is important to get your chimneys inspected to prevent further damage. Normally a chimney sweep will perform this task for you for a small fee.

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Structure Of a Chimney

Make up of a Chimney: Most people think of a chimney based on the parts that they can see but there are several other components that are important to be aware of.

  • Flue – The main passageway for smoke to escape from your home.
  • Chimney Pot – Situated at the top of the flue and ensures the weather, small animals and other debris from entering the chimney.
  • Crown – again at the top of the chimney to angle water away.
  • Flashing – metal that surrounds the base of your chimney where it meets the roof line in order to keep air and water out
  • Damper – Two plates to give you control of the amount of smoke you allow up the flue.
  • Liner – Placed inside the chimney flue to ensure it is easier to clean.

Chimney Safety

The main risk of not maintaining your chimney is the out brake of a fire within your home. You will need to have it inspected and cleaned once a year to remove any build-up of creosote. It is advisable to prevent plastic, charcoal or fabric inside your fire. Each year when you decide to start using your fire again check that no animals have decided to hibernate or build a nest within your chimney. You will be amazed at what can find its way inside even if you have a cap covering the flu.

Chimney Costs

Repairing your chimney and the costs involved will vary depending on the material and extent of the damage. Old chimneys using specific stone types might be more expensive due to the lack of available material. It is always advisable to get a qualified experience contractor like MPC to get work completed to a high standard as the expense of repairs will quickly increase your costs if corners are cut. Our Plymouth chimney repairs team can give you a free no obligation quote for any work needed.

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