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Even the smallest issue with a chimney can result in very pricey consequences if not adequately and quickly corrected. MPC Plastering is also a team of chimney specialists. We work on domestic and commercial chimneys and are fully insured for both. Our goal is to provide the most hassle-free, transparent service as possible, ensuring your life will return to normal as soon as possible.

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Structure of a Chimney

Most of our customers do not realise that a chimney is much more than the visible components. By allowing a professional to regularly check the entirety of your chimney stack, you will avoid issues like losing heat, gaining water, and mould. Here’s an overview of the different components of your chimney.

  • The Flue – How smoke exits your property.
  • Chimney Pot – Without this very important component, rain, animals and any other debris might enter your home.
  • Crown – Removes water that could flow into the chimney.
  • Flashing – This portion of they chimney connects the base to the roof with a strong, waterproof seal.
  • Damper – The chimney user applies pressure to the damper to control how much heat and smoke are released.
  • Liner – Line makes the inside of the chimney easier to clean.


Keeping Chimneys Safe

Once yearly inspections are the best advice in keeping a working, efficient chimney. These inspections ought to focus on removing creseote. Creseote builds when plastic and fabric are burned in the fire, so keep those items away. Other non-flammable materials also leave deposits, although you might not be aware those materials made it to your chimney.

Our experienced chimney maintenance team in Penzance will visually look over your chimney upon inspection. They will be able to state whether the chimney needs repointing or replacement of bricks. They can also fix damaged bricks. For any repair required, our team can assist!


Chimney Service Prices

Just as no two homes or office buildings are the same, no two chimneys are the same. Our Penzance chimney repairmen will visit your location to provide a no-obligation quote. The quote includes every aspect of repair required. We will also provide detail on how long the repairs are expected to take. Call today!

For more information about our chimney repairs Penzance and the surrounding areas please contact us on 01752 34342

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I have used MPC Plastering for some time and would recommend them for internal and external works. They work hard and  clean up after themselves. No job too small or too big, they just get on with it.

— Dave Comber , Brooklands Roofing

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