Do you need Chimney Repair in Exeter?

Common-sense informs us when a job is best left to the experts and chimney repair in Exeter probably fits into that category. With the loadings involved and the possible consequences of failure or collapse, it’s imperative that you employ the services of trusted local experts for this specialised work. MPC Plastering are fully qualified and able, to safely manage any chimney repairs in Exeter, Devon and Cornwall.

If your chimney is damaged, you should not put this repair off, as you could be losing a large amount of heat and money from your home or office. If you are planning a self-build project and want to include a gas fireplace or a wood burner in your new house, you must install the right chimney, to ensure they work safely and to their full potential. Our specialist Chimney Company in Exeter and Devon, can provide you with an expert, to establish the specifications and help you evaluate your options, so call MPC today on 01752343421



What to look for?

There are usually quite obvious signs that your chimney needs repair, the top may be broken or missing, the stack may be leaning over or you could have cracked or missing bricks. You might also notice, that pieces of mortar occasionally fall into your house or office, down the chimney. Issues with chimney are not always visible, so it’s important to get your chimneys inspected regularly, to ensure safe and proper performance. Most chimney sweeps will offer this inspection for you, for a small extra fee.


Structure of a Chimney

Most people think of a chimney as a rectangular pile of bricks but there are several other components to well-designed chimney that are worth consideration.

  • Flue – The main outlet for smoke to escape from your home.
  •  Chimney Pot – Situated at the top of the flue and stops rain, small animals and other debris from entering the chimney.
  • Crown – again at the top of the chimney to help angle rain water away.
  •  Flashing – metal that surrounds the base of your chimney where it meets the roof line, in order to weather proof it.
  •  Damper – Two plates, which give you control of the amount of smoke you allow up the flue.
  • Liner – Placed inside the chimney flue, to make it is easier to clean.


Chimney Safety

You should have your chimneys inspected and cleaned once a year, to remove any build-up of creosote. It is also advisable to prevent plastic, charcoal or fabric being burned in your fire, as these leave a build-up of deposits. As autumn approaches this South West corner of England each year and it’s time to start using your fire again, this is the best time to get this inspection done. You will then know that no small animals have made a home in your chimney, as you would be surprised at what can find its way inside, even if you have a cap covering the flu.


Chimney Costs

Repairing your chimney and the costs involved will clearly vary, depending on the work required. Our expert inspection will determine this accurately and we will give you a FREE no-obligation quotation for the work, based upon this vital examination. Older chimneys using specific stone types might be more expensive to repair, due to the difficulty in sourcing these and the higher associated costs of these materials. However, MPC Plastering assure you, that all our work is offered at the most competitive prices you will find, anywhere.

You must always get a qualified and experienced professional contractor, like ourselves at MPC, to ensure any work you need is completed safely, within specifications and to a consistent, high standard. Any chimney repair is a serious undertaking and if any corners are cut here, it can have very serious consequences in the longer term, possibly costing a great deal more than you bargained for. MCP Plasterers have an enviable and growing reputation for excellence, in the safe installation and repair of chimneys in Exeter, Devon and Cornwall and our expertise will give you peace of mind.

So for honest and straightforward advice, regarding chimney repair in Exeter, the acknowledged local experts in the field are waiting for your call. Our MPC chimney repair team, can give you a comprehensive and professional inspection and a FREE, no-obligation quote for any work needed, so call us today on 01752 34342.

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MPC Plastering and LCB Plumbing have worked together on a number of projects over the past few years.  My experience working with MPC has always been positive, I have found them to bring excellent experience and a deep knowledge of their trade to site.  MPC install a positive code of conduct with their workers resulting in good housekeeping, and well-mannered operatives who have a sustained approach to achieving and delivering quality workmanship. I would happily recommend MPC Plastering.  

— Louis, LCB Plumbing & Heating

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