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So often we visit customers that waited required expensive and intense chimney repair services because they did not take the time to have their chimney checked on an annual basis. Both commercial and domestic customers who work with MPC Plastering, Truro, receive the peace-of-mind of knowing our work is 100% guaranteed.

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Chimney Components

A good chimney repairman will be able to visually check a chimney for issues. But they will also understand that a chimney is made of much more than what’s on it’s outside. Damp, mould, and heat might get trapped inside the following parts:

  • Chimney flue: where smoke exits the chimney into the air.
  • Chimney pot: this very important part of the chimney keeps debris, animals, and water from entering your chimney.
  • Crown: removes the water from your chimney stack.
  • Flashing: with a waterproof seal, the flashing helps connect the chimney stack to the base of the roof, and to prevent water from seeping in.
  • Damper: the damper is used by the person controlling the chimney to restrict or promote the flow of air.
  • Liner: the portion on the inside of the chimney used for cleaning.


Keeping Chimneys Safe

The easiest way to keep your chimney in working condition is to have it inspected by a professional once a year. The MPC Plastering Team checks your chimney for mould and debris. They also check for deposits, which are usually left from burning plastics or fabrics. We will remove creseote from your chimney. We will also replace and repair any broken bricks. Our team completes such work in the fastest, most skilled manner because we are 100% insured and qualified. Safety and efficiency are our priority! However, we recommend that our customers do their best to keep the chimney clean.


Repair works costs

It’s very difficult to quote chimney repair work without a visual inspection and a good conversation, after which we can provide a no-obligation quote. Call 01752 34342 to schedule a visit or tell us more about your project.

For more information about our chimney repairs Truro and the surrounding areas please contact us on 01752 34342

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I have used MPC Plastering for some time and would recommend them for internal and external works. They work hard and  clean up after themselves. No job too small or too big, they just get on with it.

— Dave Comber , Brooklands Roofing

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