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When was the last time you checked your chimney for damage? If your chimney has cracks or plant growth, then there could be a serious issue. With any property, whether it is your home or place of business, keeping up with maintenance is key to avoiding larger issues. MPC are the leading chimney repair specialist in the South West, if you are looking for advice and support from experienced professionals call us today.

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Structure of a Chimney

While most people will look at the roof of their property and think of the chimney, there is actually a much larger area to consider. The visible section on top of your roof called the “Stack” only accounts for a small part of your entire chimney. It Is important to get your entire chimney checked regularly as when left, issues such as excessive loss of heat, mould and unwanted damp can form. A full list of chimney components is listed below:

  • The Flue – The escape route for smoke leaving your property.
  • Chimney Pot – an important aspect of the chimney at the top of the flue. It prevents rain, animals and any other debris entering your home.
  • Crown – Helps control water flow, removing it from the chimney.
  • Flashing – Flashing helps protect the base of the chimney where it meets the roof. This helps to maintain a waterproof seal.
  • Damper – Used to give the user control over the amount of smoke up the flue.
  • Liner – inside the chimney flue to allow easier cleaning.


Safety for your Chimney

We recommend that you should have your entire chimney checked at least once a year. Checking your chimney will allow for removal of creosote build-up which if left unchecked can eventually lead to blockages. Good usage advice is to never allow any plastics or fabrics into your fire as these materials can also cause unwanted build ups.

If you are unsure about the status of your chimney, a visual inspection of the chimney exterior will identify any missing pieces, if the pointing has become damaged or if there are any damaged or missing bricks. MPC chimney repair in Paignton can support you when dealing with all of these identified issues and are able to cover works including entire replacement chimneys or simple fitting replacements.

Chimney Costs

Costs for chimney repairs typically vary from project to project due to the unique requirements of each project. For each new project we will perform an inspection and fully determine the scope of the project which will allow us to determine costing values and provide you with a no obligation quote.

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