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Most of our customers don’t realise how vital a chimney is to the home and the dramatic consequences that a poorly maintained chimney can have. Whether you’ve got a commercial or domestic property, falling chimney debris can result in expensive damages. Our experienced, professional, and fully-insured team is happy to complete any work your chimney requires. Give us a call at 01752 343421 to discuss our chimney repairs Exmouth, or on a mobile click the button on the bottom right of the screen!


Chimney stack structure

The visible aspect of your chimney only accounts for a small percentage of the chimney stack and all its components. It’s important to get this checked regularly to ensure you are not losing excess heat from your property or letting in unwanted damp and mould. Components of your chimney include.

  • The Flue – The escape route for smoke leaving your property.
  • Chimney Pot – an important aspect of the chimney at the top of the flue. It prevents rain, animals and any other debris entering your home.
  • Crown – Helps control water flow, removing it from the chimney.
  • Flashing – Flashing helps protect the base of the chimney where it meets the roof. This helps to maintain a waterproof seal.
  • Damper – Used to give the user control over the amount of smoke up the flue.
  • Liner – inside the chimney flue to allow easier cleaning.


Safety first

To ensure the effectiveness and integrity of your chimney it is important to have it inspected once a year. This allows the removal of any creosote. It is also important to prevent any plastic or fabric into your fire. Unwanted material in the fire can leave unwanted deposits.

A visual inspection of the outside of the chimney will determine if anything is missing or you are in need of repointing or the replacement of damaged or missing bricks. Our Chimney repair in Exmouth cover all of these repairs providing anything from the replacement of a chimney to repairs to any of the fittings.


Chimney Costs – No obligation quote

Chimney repair costs will obviously differ depending on the work required. Our inspection process will easily determine the costs involved and we always provide a no obligation quote on the work we will be required to carry out.

For more information about our chimney repairs Exmouth and the surrounding areas please contact us on 01752 34342 (or click the green phone button on a mobile).

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I have used MPC Plastering for some time and would recommend them for internal and external works. They work hard and  clean up after themselves. No job too small or too big, they just get on with it.

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