Do you need Chimney Repairs Barnstaple? 

Chimney maintenance is often an overlooked aspect of property maintenance. But when issues such as collapse of falling debris can occur without proper maintenance this can be a major issue for property owners. MPC provide comprehensive chimney repair in Barnstable, supporting both the commercial and domestic sectors with a highly skilled and professional crew.

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Structure of a Chimney

So your stack looks fine, that’s it? Wrong, the chimney stack is only a small part of your chimney as a whole. It is very important that every part of your chimney is reviewed on at least a yearly basis. Without regular checks you may experience an excessive loss of heat, damp or even mould build-up. Your chimney consists of the following sections:

  • The Flue – The escape route for smoke leaving your property.
  • Chimney Pot – an important aspect of the chimney at the top of the flue. It prevents rain, animals and any other debris entering your home.
  • Crown – Helps control water flow, removing it from the chimney.
  • Flashing – Flashing helps protect the base of the chimney where it meets the roof. This helps to maintain a waterproof seal.
  • Damper – Used to give the user control over the amount of smoke up the flue.
  • Liner – inside the chimney flue to allow easier cleaning.


Safety for your Chimney

We recommend that you have your chimney visually inspected a minimum of once a year. A visual inspection will typically identify any damage to the pointing or brickwork and will also identify any missing or broken fittings. An inspection will also allow for the removal of any creosote build-up which left unchecked can also cause issues. It is always recommended not to put any plastics or fabrics into your fire as these materials can also cause unwanted build ups leading to issues and unwanted blockages. MPC’s chimney repair in Barnstable can support you and ensure that your chimney is carefully inspected giving you peace of mind and a professional experience.

Chimney Costs

Chimney repair costs will obviously differ depending on the work required. Our inspection process will easily determine the costs involved and we always provide a no obligation quote on the work we will be required to carry out.

The costs for chimney repair projects will differ from project to project but you can rest assured that our team will provide you will a no obligation quote once a thorough inspection has been completed.

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MPC Plastering and LCB Plumbing have worked together on a number of projects over the past few years.  My experience working with MPC has always been positive, I have found them to bring excellent experience and a deep knowledge of their trade to site.  MPC install a positive code of conduct with their workers resulting in good housekeeping, and well-mannered operatives who have a sustained approach to achieving and delivering quality workmanship. I would happily recommend MPC Plastering.  

— Louis, LCB Plumbing & Heating

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