We were contacted by the client through out website. After assessing the clients needs over the phone, we booked a survey to assess the project in person.

Once we had visited the property and assessed the project we submitted a quote to the client.The client accepted the quotation, allowing works to begin.

The client was not keen on an insulated system because of the protrusion depth that would be added to the exterior of the property. MPCs solution was to recommend a direct to masonry system as this system only adds a minimal increase to the property exterior.

First MPC had to remove all the existing paint from the render. involving the use of mechanical scabbelers.

Then SBR and cement primer was applied to the whole building, and upvc beads were added to all window and door openings and all quoins.

A first layer of base coat with embedded mesh was then applied and mechanically fixed to the sub straight, to grantee adhesion. This process included reinforcing stress patches under all window and door openings.

Once dry the final layer of base coat was applied and finished. Once the base coat is dry, a primer coat is then applied. This allows the top coat to adhere to the base coat.

On completion of works, the site was inspected by a senior member of MPC Plastering contractors for quality control purposes as well as to assess cleanliness. Once complete the client provided feedback which was very positive regarding the care taken to ensure a high quality finish and overall quality of work.