Who Needed our Help?

MPC Plastering were brought in to install external wall insulation (EWI) to properties owned mainly by the PCH housing association. We were brought in by the L&D Group who were working for main contractors Infinity Sutton.

What did MPC do?

In the summer of 2017, MPC installed an EWI system on each of the 41 properties which were divided between two terraces. The project was part of a larger scheme to regenerate local residential sales.

Due to the success of the project, MPC are due to start work on a second tranche of work in spring 2019.

How our Client has Benefited

EWI has been shown to improve the thermal properties of a building which will inevitably enable homeowners to cut down on their annual heating bills. For the predominantly low-income families inhabiting these properties, this will have improved their quality of life. The attractive appearance of the new rendering has also brought the area a new feel, encouraging a renewed sense of pride in the community.

By providing improved living conditions for low income families, the L&D group have assisted PCH in meeting their responsibilities for social regeneration.

Why MPC were the Smart Choice

MPC Plastering have both the technical expertise and infrastructure to run large scale projects of this nature whereas competing firms often struggle. For example, we have established strong relationships with scaffolders and M&E contractors who we know can work to our schedules.

We also have the capacity to dedicate a member of the admin team to a client liaison role. They can then advise tenants on the progress of the work and form a point of contact for any questions or concerns. For large projects like this one, we can also allocate a dedicated site manager to provide a clear focus and to pick up on any snags as soon as possible.