MPC were invited by AD Williams, to tender for the lime render restoration work to a fire damaged 400 year old building.

MPC were awarded the works because of their extensive experience, working with lime render.

Working with the main contractor and architect, Mike Wye and associates were selected as the main lime supplier.

A consolidation coat was first applied to all the walls, to prepare the walls for rendering. This allows the lime mortar to stick to the old cob walls, which would otherwise be too unstable.

A three in one lime mortar is then applied to the walls, with added horse hair to increase strength.

Due to the nature of lime the walls must have sufficient drying time during coats, this process can take from 48 hours to a week to dry.

A further coat of three to one, haired mortar is then added to soften the uneven walls, while still preserving their character.

An unhaired three to one lime mortar is then applied and then finished using a timber float. It is then lightly scratched to create a key for the lime plaster to adhere too.

After each subsequent coat, it is important that drying times are adhered to, to avoid any shrinking or cracking of the finished plaster.

Finally a lime plaster is applied in two passes, at 2mm per coat. It is then trowelled and sponged to provide a rustic finish.

On completion of works, the site was inspected by a senior member of MPC Plastering contractors for quality control purposes as well as to assess cleanliness. Once complete the client provided feedback which was very positive regarding the care taken to ensure a high quality finish and overall quality of work.