Who Needed our Help?

Mi-Space, part of the Midas Group, are specialists in sustainable development. They aim to be the human face of construction with a focus on ethical practice and residents’ quality of life. Mi-Space brought in MPC Plastering for help with alterations to the exterior of a low-rise block of flats in Exeter Street, Plymouth city centre.

What did MPC do?

The alterations involved improving the fireproofing of the external cladding and rain screen system. To achieve this, we cut out designated sections of the expanded polystyrene (EPS) by hand and infilled rock wool in horizontal and vertical lengths. After this, we made good all of the EPS rendered sections and over-coated the full rendered elevations for a consistent decorative finish.

How our Client has Benefited

Although the Exeter Street flats were already compliant with all regulations involving insulation, the alterations work enabled the contractor to ensure the flats had the latest form of fire protection in place in line with recent changes to rendering systems.

Mi-Space could uphold their reputation for putting resident safety first while ensuring the aesthetic appearance of the block’s exterior was preserved.

Why MPC were the Smart Choice

To ensure the alterations were carried out to the required standard, Mi-Space needed to bring in a plastering firm with an understanding of working on large communal buildings. This would also ensure that the residents experienced minimal disruption to their quality of life during the works.

The final system had to match the appearance and durability of the original system. Blending the new works with the existing EPS system required specialist skills. MPC Plastering had the necessary installation specialists in our team, another reason to choose us over other local firms.