We were contacted by the client through our website. After assessing the clients needs over the phone, we booked a survey to assess the project in person.

Once we had visited the property and assessed the project we submitted a quote to the client.

The client accepted the quotation, allowing works to begin.

MPC recommended a 90mm EPS Installation, which was supplied by SPS Envirowall.

The system comprises of 90mm insulation, mechanically fixed to the sub straight using plastic anchor pins.

Mesh angle beads are then fitted to all window, door openings and quoins.

A layer of base coat with embedded mesh is then applied and left to dry.

A final layer of base coat is then applied. Extra mesh is then applied to stress points, above and below all window and door openings, to ensure any cracking does not appear in the render.

Once all base coat is dry, a primer coat is then applied. This allows the top coat to adhere to the base coat.

The top coat is the applied, for this project MPC used a 1.5 mm silicone top coat in a colour specified by the client.

On completion of works, the system was signed off by the manufacturer, and the 10 year guarantee was supplied to the client.

The client reported massive benefits upon installation, such as reduced fuel bills and a warmer home.