MPC have undertaken external wall insulation in Crownhill, Plymouth for a happy customer. Below you can see the completed work with information regarding this job.

The Requirements

Non Traditional Build (BISF)
9 day completion (start to finish)
134 square meters of External Wall insulation
100 &120mm EPS Envirowall system (see Below)
Direct to masonry system applied to porch.

What is the EPS Envorowall System?

For the external wall insulation in Crownhill, Plymouth we used the EPS Envirowall system, see below for details:

The system uses an expanding polystyrene with a reinforced glass fibre mesh with a render finish
We apply the system to the outside of your external walls and is suitable for new and existing buildings.
The instillation of this system is highly technical and should only be attempted by trained professionals.
Please see the images below to show further explanation.

Have you thought about the benefits or external wall insulation (EWI) and the impact it can have on your monthly bills? Insulation will reduce the amount you spend on heating your home, completely covering the cost over a number of years.

MPC Plastering specialise in EWI and as you can see from our case study on the External wall insulation in Crownhill our work is completely unnoticeable after completion. This will ensure you get all the benefits of EWI and your property looks as good as new.

Should you get External Wall Insulation?

EWI will give you the benefits of insulation to your property without losing any internal space (a downside of internal insulation) it will also provide a layer of noise insulation and protects your house with an added layer of weather protection. Other benefits can include: removing the chance of internal damp to your property and preserving the thermal insulation already provided by the wall itself.

Why can you trust MPC Plastering?

In April 2015, MPC reached accreditation with CHAS, the fastest growing Health & Safety assessment scheme in the UK, with 670 buyer members and 60,000 suppliers.

This means:
MPC have shown compliance with important parts of health and safety law.
MPC are approved to work for all CHAS buyers, such as Plymouth Community Homes.
CHAS has also allowed MPC to highlight any opportunities in safety management, and we currently work to enhance these areas.
For more information about our External wall insulation, please contact us for a free no obligation quote.