Who Needed our Help?

This traditional 1950s property was used as a pilot eco project. The project was organised by Cornish housing trust Ocean Housing who are looking to roll out efficiency improvements to other properties.

What did MPC do?

Due to its traditional construction, the property was poorly insulated by modern standards. Ocean Housing commissioned MPC to improve the insulation of the roof, mansard and external walls of the property following a unique design provided by architects.

First, the MPC Roofing team took on the challenge of stripping the original mansard roof and painting all of the internal plasterboard with Gyproc drywall sealer. We then added 50mm to 150mm Kingspan insulation in hand-cut sections to ensure maximum coverage.

The next stage was to remove the windows and install lead trays before refitting the windows again. We then renewed all felt and battens. Finally, for the roofing part of the project, we re-tiled using a lightweight steel Metrotile system for long life and low maintenance.

For the external wall insulation we used a Wetherby 90mm EPS system. We pinned and meshed the boards before adding a final base coat, all within two days. When dry, we applied the silicone top coat before completing the second fix works, installing new guttering and UPVC sills.

How our Client has Benefited

The property is now fully insulated, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Durable materials and a minimal need for maintenance will also extend the life and value of these properties.

Following the success of this pilot, Ocean Housing will be rolling this method out to other properties of the same design.

Why MPC were the Smart Choice

MPC are approved installers for a number of modern construction systems (e.g. Metrotile and Wetherby EWI). We also employ our own quantity surveyor who was able to work closely with the design team to help minimise costs while maximising practical benefits.