We were contacted by the client through our website. After assessing the clients needs over the phone, we booked a survey to assess the project in person. This review is done from the ground and provides a preliminary review of works until there is access to review the project via scaffolding.

Once we had visited the property and assessed the project we submitted a quote to the client. The client accepted the quotation, allowing works to begin.

MPC arranged for a specialist scaffolding contractor to erect the necessary scaffolding for the project. Once the scaffolding had been erected MPC performed a visual review of the chimney. The visual review revealed that birds nesting in the chimney had caused issues with damp and had been blocking ventilation. There were also cracks in the chimney that were not visible from the previous inspection from the ground.

The visual inspection also highlighted the lead work around the chimney had perished and would need to be replaced. MPC then instructed a specialist roofing contractor to complete the replacement, once the work had been completed, progressed to the next stage of the project. From there the project got underway, startng with removing all the existing mortar and the existing chimney pots.

All cracked bricks were then carefully removed and replaced with new, like for like bricks, matching the existing brickwork.

The chimney was then rendered in two coats of sand and cement render. MPC applied embedded mesh during this process to ensure that no superficial cracks would reappear.

In our consultation meetings with the client they had mentioned they would like a coloured render finish. MPC achieved this by adding a red dye into the render. This also provided the client with no need to paint the chimney and thus avoiding future maintenance costs.

To finish the chimney, the brick course was raked out and repainted. The chimney pots were then bedded back onto the chimney and new bird spikes installed.

On completion of works, the site was inspected by a senior member of MPC Plastering contractors for quality control purposes as well as to assess cleanliness. The scaffold was then removed by the Chosen scaffolding specialist and all waste was removed from the site.

MPC then completed the project sign off with the client, with the client providing positive feedback on MPC’s service.