Who Needed our Help?

This 1950s property is a buy-to-let which required extensive internal and external work before taking new tenants.

What did MPC do?

With no modifications since the 1970s, this property required complete renovation prior to new tenants moving in. The landlord had replaced the existing storage heaters with a new gas boiler but the house required improved insulation to retain heat and cut down on carbon emissions.

MPC Plastering insulated the exterior of the property using a thin coat render system. First, we needed to remove and dispose of an old timber and glass porch as well as the original felt roof over a bay window, the asbestos waste pipes and some rainwater goods. These were all replaced for new before we handed back to our EWI system installers.

We used the Wetherby system. 90mm polystyrene boards were mechanically fixed to the existing walls before being covered with a mesh coat base and finished using a through colour and silicone top coat.

How our Client has Benefited

As a landlord, our client needed to quickly attract quality tenants to make the most of their buy-to-let investment.

By installing energy-efficient EWI to complement the new boiler, MPC have helped our client to reduce future heating bills and carbon footprint while improving the external appearance of the property. All of these factors will help to bring in tenants and generate our client a profit.

Why MPC were the Smart Choice

To ensure a quick turnaround without sacrificing quality, the landlord of this property turned to MPC. Not only are we EWI system-approved installers, we also had some of the most knowledgeable teams in the field working directly for us including a site manager and quantity surveyor. This enabled us to respond to challenges very quickly.

Whereas other companies would have needed to call upon an external roofing company to complete the works, our in-house roofers could get straight on with the job, speeding up the process.

All of these factors combined helped us to streamline this project so that our client could quickly get back to the business of generating rental income.