Case Study – Plymouth Repointing

Plymouth Repointing

MPC were contacted by a client to survey the brick work on the gable of their semi detached house because they were experiencing water ingress through the brick work.

On surveying the property, it was found that the mortar was in a very bad state of repair and in need of replacement.

Using MPC’s specialist repointing equipment, the old mortar was removed.

MPC’s dust free, mortar raking equipment removes mortar to a depth of 25mm, in line with British standards good practice guidelines.

Any cracked or spalled bricks are then replaced, taking care to ensure replacement bricks match the existing brickwork.

The sub straight is then thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the new mortar.

The new mortar is then installed using MPCs specialist, Quickpoint electric pointing guns. This method is vastly superior to a hand applied system as they ensure mortar bed joints are filled from the back of the joint, Avoiding any air gaps that could cause future failures of the mortar joint.

The mortar joints are then struck and finished. Once the mortar has dried, the bricks are thoroughly cleaned and treated with a brick sealer.

On completion of works, the site was inspected by a senior member of MPC Plastering contractors for quality control purposes as well as to assess cleanliness.

Shortly after the works had been completed the client noted that the damp issues had been resolved.