Internal or external wall insulation in Plymouth – Let us help you decide!

MPC provide Internal and external wall insulation in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall…but which type of insulation is best for you, Internal, external or both? This article will answer any questions regarding the pros and cons of each and how they will benefit your home of office.

Internal Wall Insulation


1. Can sometimes be easier to accomplish especially if you can insulate one wall at a time.
2. Is perfect to do if you are redecorating.
3. Is cheaper than external wall insulation.


1. You will lose internal space within your house.
2. It will be disruptive to your home while being completed.
3. You lose the amount of heat your wall can maintain so heat can be lost in the air.
4. You will need to remove light switches and sockets.
5. You could come into problems if you have and character features such as picture rails, coving, skirting boards etc.

The main Challenges of internal insulation

  • You will need to ensure you don’t cover electrical cables as they can overheat. You will need to place them in duct to prevent this.
  • You will need to install a vapour control layer.
  • Internal insulation can be ruined by a single nail if the resident of the home or office puts it into the vapour control layer or dry lining. It will be important to ensure any nails for hanging pictures go into the vertical studs only.

External wall insulation in Plymouth

Our external wall insulation in Plymouth involves applying a layer of insulation and a weatherproof finish to the outside of a building. By doing this you can not only improve the energy efficiently of your home but help preserve the integrity of any walls, protecting them from the elements as well as improving the look of the outside walls.


1. Improves the protection against weather conditions.
2. Provides a layer of noise insulation
3. You can add more insulation without losing any internal space.
4. Your external walls will look brand new.
5. It won’t disrupt the occupants to the house or office
6. Preserves the thermal insulation provided by the wall itself.
7. Removes the chance of any internal damp
8. You can insulate a whole house or block of houses in one job.


1. You might need planning permission.
2. Might not be possible on enlisted buildings.
3. Can be more expensive than internal insulation.

General points

MPC Plastering’s external wall insulation in Plymouth are normally covered with a lime render to protect everything from the elements. Although the costs can be more expensive this is mainly due to the need for scaffolding etc. so it is a great idea to include insulation if you need repairs completing on the repointing or rendering of any outside walls.

To find out about our external wall insulation in Plymouth, Exeter and the South West please contact us for more details or click on any links on this page to find out more about our services.