MPC plastering provide a range of chimney repair in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. We find that most home owners with a chimney only really think about it when there is a problem. Due to a chimney protruding above the rest of your roof it tends to be in the line for the majority of damaging weather conditions so spending a little time and money to prevent damage will save you thousands of pounds in the long run.

Preventing chimney repair in Plymouth

The biggest deterioration and damage to your chimney will be from water penetration and a simple way to prevent this is to water proof it. By doing this you will extend the life expectancy of your chimney and prevent any leaks in the future. There are a number of places in your chimney that are vulnerable to water penetration but the best place to protect initially is the brick and mortar joints.

Please note that this article is to be used as advice and guidance only. If you are uncomfortable climbing up a ladder or your chimney is hard to access it is important to hire a professional company to do the work for you.

Chimney repair in Plymouth – 5 steps to water proofing your chimney

  1. Clean the chimney – remove any dirt, mould, rust and any other foreign material. You can use masonry cleaner to effectively complete this job. Once cleaned leave to dry for at least 24 hours.
  2. Protect other areas of the roof – It will be important to put down a drop cloth to protect other areas of the roof, any nearby windows from any over spray which can cause discolouration of the surface. Ensure you don’t use plastic or any slippery surface that you can slip on.
  3. Minor repairs – Before water proofing the chimney make any necessary repairs needed. Use joint sealant on any minor cracks and if bricks or mortar need replacing you might need to carry out some repointing work. If this is needed MPC Plastering provide a professional repointing service that you can find more information about in the highlighted link above. You can also find out more about our chimney repair in Plymouth following this link.
  4. Decide on the protective solution – This is an important part of the process as due to the chimney heating up and cooling down a good chimney water repellent should be used. Water repellents allow the chimney to breath while keeping water out. Don’t use a sealer as this will not allow moisture out and over time cause cracks when the trapped water expands due to freezing in the winter.
  5. Apply the repellent – You can use a normal pump action garden spray to apply the water repellent. It should be applied evenly starting at the bottom and working upwards. Ensure you apply a good coat to allow as much as possible to penetrate into the chimney. After 5 minutes of the first coat apply a second layer. It is worth noting that it will need about 6 hours to dry and so you will need to ensure you have dry weather for this period.

Protecting your chimney is an important measure to cut long term repair costs. MPC Plastering provide chimney repairs in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall especially if you find any major repair work needed for the brick and mortar.