Finding the best plastering Company in Plymouth should be an easy experience for all involved. If you are planning on building an outside wall or need a new ceiling it’s probably time to call in the professionals to ensure you get the job done properly. Below we will cover everything you need to know to make sure the plastering gets done just the way you want it.

What is a plasterer?

A Plasterer or Plastering company are tradesman who install plasterboard into the building process of new homes, help with restoring walls, ceilings, floors, construct solid plaster walls and creating feature walls, chimney repairs etc. They also repair and complete maintenance work on all of the above.

What does a plasterer do?

To take plastering down to its basic form there are two types of plastering. Standard plastering which will involve installing Plasterboard and Solid wall plastering which involves applying plaster to a surface. This sounds very basic but realistically without a plasterer most houses would look rather odd as they apply the finishing touches to houses to ensure everything has a smooth homely finish. Their job doesn’t end there, external walls and features in your Garden will also require a good Plasterer.

What do you need to consider when hiring a Plymouth plastering company?

Timing – To save everybody time and money its best to hire a plasterer when all other trades work has been completed. Ensure that all of the electrical wiring and plumbing has been completed first and if applicable walls are erected with any features in place. Of course if it’s just maintenance work all this will be completed and it’s just a case of making sure you have completed the rest of your due diligence.

Specifications – As with all tradesman the more information you can give at the start of the project the more time you will save on costs and you can also make sure you are getting an accurate quote for the work being completed. For standard plastering you will probably be charged by the square meter. Measure the room which you wish to have work completed taking into account any cupboards, doors, windows etc.

What should you ask a plastering company to ensure you pick the right one?

Asking the right questions is vital to ensure you choose the right plasterer for your needs. All plasterers will be able to answer the following questions and it will start to allow you to build confidence in the company. Ensure you ask the following before getting work completed on your property.

1. How long have you been plastering for? – You want to find a company who has plenty of experience for the job in hand, if you want to check what they have told you it’s easy enough to look up the company on the internet and also check the Managing Directors past by Googling them both.

2. Does the quote include all of the labour, materials, travel and any other costs – Ensure there are no hidden costs and they quote you for everything before work starts. The last thing you want is a company surprising you with extra work you didn’t ask for or a final bill that is larger than you were quoted.

3. How long will the Job take you – Again with the cost in mind ask them to give you a full time scale of what they are going to do and how long it will take. You are always best to get this down on paper so you have evidence if something goes wrong.

4. Are you insured against any damage that occurs? Make sure they have all the insurance that is needed to cover you if there is any problems. You can also ask to see documents to prove this if you are unsure. If a business can’t prove they are insured I would walk away.

How to choose the right Plastering Company

By asking the same questions and giving the right details to each company you should be able to get accurate quotes from each that you contact but don’t just take cost into account as the cheapest is not normally the best choice. Remember you want the work that’s completed to stand the test of time and the better it is to start with the less maintenance it will require. You have some further checks to make before deciding on the best team for your needs. Check the following to see how they compare.

Website – Firstly check to see if they have a website as all reputable companies will have one. You can then look at any testimonials they have and look at the pictures of work they have already completed.
Facebook – Again a good place to look for reviews on the business. These are normally more accurate than the website as individual people have to write them and they are not controlled by the company (like the website).
Google+ – All good plastering companies will be on Google+ and like Facebook it will give you more reviews you can see of the business.

The internet is a great place to do extra due diligence on a plastering company these days as they can’t control a lot of what goes online. You should be able to find all the good and sometimes bad comments/reviews to help you decide.

After all of this hopefully you will be able to get a good idea of the right plastering company to give you an amazing service. If you want any further advice please feel free to contact us for a chat and we can point you in the right direction.