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Rendering in Liskeard

The rendering team in Liskeard, Devon, and Cornwall applies cement, sand, and/or lime to bricks internally and externally. This provides a smooth finish and the perfect jumping-off point for further decorations. Our plasterers have hundreds of years of experience between them, so we’re the best possible rendering team around.

Our team has taken advice from rendersers in other parts of Europe, where the practice is much more commonplace than in England. Sand and cement plastering is often their preferred method.

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 Rendering through colour and thin coats

Using the latest plastering technology, MPC Plastering (Liskeard) is able to create finished in any colour. This is great option for interior design and decoration. Our crack-resistant finishes are flexible for layering colours.

MPC Plastering in Liskeard: the Best Rendering Team!

People use a rendering service to improve the look of walls. Whether the finished product is smooth or textured, rendering provides an adequate base for decorating the walls at a later time. Rendering also provides properties with the strength to ensure the safety of occupants. In fact, rendering increases the building’s fire rating and water-proofs it from the elements, contributing to stronger bricks and frames.

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Rendering in Sand and Cement

Rendering in sand and cement can be cheaper than rendering in lime, but many properties in Liskeard do not have the necessary elements to make sand and cement rendering applicable. Sand and cement also provides a waterproof surface to work from. However, it’s inflexible. Our team will know whether sand and cement is a good option for you!

MPC Plastering, Liskeard, is happy to take your call today. We will discuss your home and questions, providing you whatever advice we can determine. We will find the best possible solution for your needs.

I have used MPC Plastering for some time and would recommend them for internal and external works. They work hard and  clean up after themselves. No job too small or too big, they just get on with it.

— Dave Comber , Brooklands Roofing

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