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Rendering Explained

Rendering is the application of a mixture of sand, cement, and/or lime to the bricks or other components of walls (internal or external). The finish may be smooth or textured. Our Devon-area plasterers are highly skilled professionals with years of experience.

s rendering is a relatively new practice in the UK, our team is to be trusted as the highest-grade professionals in Launceston offering the servies. We’ve modelled the practice from other European countries.

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Thin Coat and Rendering Through Colour

Our team of Launceston handymen uses the latest technology to finish renders in any colour. This is perfect for people who need very thin coats applied over existing colour and will be without cracks.

MPC’s Launceston Rendering Services

Rendering is the perfect way to make a wall look better. It provides the canvas for further interior and exterior design. Rendering is also a way to ensure safety in the home or office, reinforcing the walls and avoiding hazardous chemicals. In a well-rendered space, your walls will be waterproof and bricks protected. MPC Plastering, Launceston, is the preferred service for rendering in and around this great town.

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Rendering in Sand and Cement

One benefit to sand and cement rendering is that it is cheaper than lime rendering. Sand and cement rendering is negative, though, because it is inflexible on application and not all surfaces can use it. Our skilled team of professionals will be able to tell you whether sand and cement is adequate for your home.

MPC Plastering loves to discuss the homes and offices of our customers. We’ll provide some free advice and learn more about your project. We’re happy to help in any way possible!

A big thank you to MPC for the wonderful job. It was a pleasure to have you working on our home. In the months that you were working on our home we didn't have any reason to complain, you were nothing but courteous and polite.

— Darren Parker , Plymstock Plumbing & Heating

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