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Plasterboard Installation Plymouth

We provide a first class service, plastering in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. Priding ourselves on ensuring our customers’ needs come first. We will ensure you receive an upfront quote with no hidden charges and will guaranty our services if you are not happy with the work provided.

Why use plasterboard

One of the simplest methods of making an interior surface (that can be easily decorated) is to use Plasterboard. You get good value for your money, it is straight forward to install (if you’re a professional), fire resistant and it has a low impact on the environment. After our Plymouth Plastering team have installed the Plasterboard you can decorate using a number of methods including painting, tiles, rendering and wainscoting.

Is plasterboard easy to maintain?

Plasterboard can be vulnerable to cracks and breaks if care isn’t taken with installation. This is due to the thin and brittle nature of the material. It can also be vulnerable to Water damage or mould if it comes into contact with an excessive amount of water. Our Plymouth Plastering team will ensure you have all the information you require to ensure you get a lengthy investment from our instillation. Don’t worry it’s easy to repair if you do any damage and of course we will be more than happy to help.

How do we install Your Plasterboard?

Our team of professionals have a number of tools at their disposal to ensure whatever the situation in your office, home, workshop or warehouse we can supply you with a first class service. Plasterboard comes in lengths up to 6 meters in length and two widths of 1200 or 1350mm. when it comes to thickness there are several sizes available. As a whole you need to ensure that ceiling Plasterboard is slightly thicker to help with supporting strength.

To ensure your project runs smoothly we understand that for the majority of situations we will be required to install your Plasterboard around other professionals and can provide our services before or after an electrician has completed wiring etc. We will work with your other providers to make the process as seamless as possible. Your very own Plymouth Plastering Team If you have any requirements for Plastering in Plymouth or the surrounding areas contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Mathew Massey - Founder, Director

With 13 years of experience within the plastering field, Matt has now launched MPC Plastering Contractors Ltd as sole owner and director. He oversees all aspects of the business, in particular site activities. Matt prides himself on providing the quality work and service our customers have come to expect.

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