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External Wall Insulation Plymouth

MPC Plastering provide external wall insulation in Plymouth and the South West. In an un-insulated home 30% of the heat is lost through the walls, EWI offers a great way of reducing this and improving a building’s carbon footprint. An EWI system involves fixing rigid installation boarding to the exterior walls of a property which creates a thermal covering and also limits the use of valuable inside space.

Once completed the installation boards can be finished with either a traditional lime or a more modern render, both providing a hard wearing, breathable and weather protective finish. Energy companies, local authorities and even the UK Government recognise the benefits of EWI and as a result a range of financial support is available for the installation of EWI. Contact MPC Plastering today to explore this option for your home!

Solid walls can be insulated from the outside where a layer of insulation material is fixed to your property’s external walls with mechanical fixings and adhesive. The external wall insulation layer is then covered with protective layers of render or cladding designed to suit you and your home’s style.

The render or cladding finish can be anything from smooth to pebble dashed, therefore, although the insulation is exterior, your house can still look nice.

The external insulation and finish will cover the whole of the exterior of your property, including existing brick work, and so is likely to change its appearance. It is best to be sure you have planning permission to change the buildings appearance before you install external wall insulation.

Condensation Prevention

Our external wall insulation in Plymouth and the surrounding areas is professionally installed to prevent any condensation. It is also important to ensure all recessed areas around the windows are also insulated, ensuring the depth of the insulation matches the depth of the window frame. If any external pipe works or fittings are in the way, they will need to be removed and then replaced and in some instances the roof overhang extended over the new layer of render.

Cladding or render?

Render is generally less expensive than cladding and can be applied as either a thick cement or sand mix over a thin mesh or a light cement over a thicker stronger mesh. Cladding however comes in a number of attractive colours and forms including Shingles or panels, clay or stone, brick or an aluminium finish. For more information about our external wall insulation in Plymouth contact us today for a no obligation quote.

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